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The REOVIB MFS 168 range comprises special, adaptable controllers for use with vibratory feeders. The units generate an output frequency, to drive feeders, that is independent of mains frequency and so exact tuning with springs is not necessary. The feeders also run quieter because of the sinusoidal output signal. The adjusted output frequency corresponds to the mechanical vibrating frequency of the feed system. The optimum frequency setting for a feeder can determined manually or automatically in regulation mode.
Depending on the version, the controller can be used in regulation mode, working in conjunction with an accelerometer fitted to the feeder, to operate at resonant frequency. In this way a constant component feed rate that is unaffected by load changes can be achieved. In regulation mode the vibrating frequency is also dynamically adjusted to compensate for load changes. In normal operating mode the feeder remains constant at the set frequency. In both operating modes the feeder throughput is determined by the output voltage level.

Notable Features:
  • Adjustable output frequency, independent of mains frequency
  • Constant feeder throughput irrespective of mains fluctuations
  • Track control
  • Regulation control, automatic frequency search (resonance)
  • On/Off status relay

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